About Modi Nereah Foundation

Modi Nereah Foundation School for the Orphans and vulnerable children was formed by Mrs. Nereah Modi Kotonya along with seven Board of Directors led by Nereah Modi Kotonya in January, 2018. The major aims and objectives of the Modi Nereah Foundation School was to look into the welfare of the neediest orphans and vulnerable children in the Kabuoch North location and the greater Ndhiwa Constituency of Homabay County..


To improve the Socio-economic conditions of the vulnerable communities whose knowledge can nurture the young talent into responsible citizens in lines with goals of the Ministry of Education.


To bring up a group of children who can recognize their environment, society, and utilize their academic abilities and / or individual talents to better their lives and future.<br>

Truth In Numbers
Modi Nereah Foundation: Nurturing and Educating pre-teen Children in North Kabuoch, Homabay county.


Expected reduced rate of orphans’ school drop out as a result of MNF In-take/admission of pupils in Homa-Bay municipality.


2,000 orphans and 4,500 vulnerable children from low income families in the community of North Kabuoch Location.


Right now, MNF school is operational at 32% efficiency. 68% still needed to bring project to 100% efficiency.